Short Valentine’s Day Poems For Kids

Rhythmic Short Valentine’s Day Poems for Kids: wonderful Gifts!

It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, a poem, is always an overwhelming gift to receive on Valentine’s Day. Poems on love or about love can be written to make someone feel happy and loved. Poems on love can be written to people from all age groups and if you are good at writing, a poem as a Valentine’s Day gift is marvelous.

Even kids love short poems, so if you want to give your kids or siblings or nephews and nieces a lovely gift on the day of love, you can gift them short Valentine’s Day poems for kids. They will surely love it.


Top Short Kids Valentines Day Poems


I love you so much.
Would you without hesitation,
to Valentin many hearts
give out construction paper.
A little heart for bravery
and one for your cutting.
A little hearts for your compassion
in the large, in the broad, the dense
throng of people.



A little hearts for your advice
and a good for your deed.
A little heart for your words of praise,
for they are of a very special sort:
so warm and so loving.


I love you so much.
I’ll without hesitation,
simply give each day a little heart.



The one supreme,
what life adorns,
when a heart
delightful and delighted,
the heart gives
in sweet forgetfulness of self.
I love you because I must love you
I love you, because I know nothing else can
I love you after a sky-circuit
I love you with a spell.

Love you ‘I like the rose bush her
​​love you ‘I like the sun their shining
love you ‘me because you’re my breath of life,
love you ‘I love you because my being.

That you’re so beautiful and pure,
Wunnevolles Magedein,
your services all alone
I’d probably dedicate my life.

Your sweet little eyes
shining like moons gentle glow;
Rose Bright lights strew
your red Wängelein.

And from your little mouth small
Blinkts out like Perlenreihn;
But the most beautiful gemstone
Hegt your silent bosom shrine.

Pious Minne it may be,
What I penetrated into the heart,
When I looked formerly yours,
Wunnevolles Magedein!

The sun is shining on your face,
Sweety100 I like having
you’re my little morning star
and every little wretch would be
I do not joke,
You are my heart.


Flowers in wreaths I will send,
in all colors, fragrant and beautiful,
to the delight in the winter your heart,
When outside the icy winds waft.
And if still bloom frost patterns on the windows,
inside is a spring, the do not care –
There I pluck you flowers for Valentine
In cheerful wreaths, a dear poem
And line by line to say to you:
There are a lot of flowers to never rise willing!
Spring is dawning in the cold days,
the heat inside and knows no time!





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