Valentines Day Poem for Daughter

Adorable Valentine’s Day poems for daughter

Your daughter is the source of your joy and inspiration. She is the most beautiful thing you have achieved in your life. Therefore, take the initiative on this Valentine’s Day and do everything to see her glad and joyous. Though you can do a lot of things to make her feel blessed, dedicating a poem to her will be somewhat exclusive. You will find many such poems in the websites. One is given for your ease:

My daughter

You are my joy and my pride,

I promise to be in your side,

Your are a blessing and a gift,

Your laughter brings me warmth and charm,

All my life, I want to hold you in my arm.


Best Love Poems for Daughters


My darling dear ….

Today, exactly one year ago I gave birth to you!
As you have seen the light of the world have I thought,
a small miracle is accomplished!
Such a sweet nature in my arm,
snuggled up to me,
guarded with my warm hands.


So many wonderful moments
Do you have conjured up in my life!
I wish infinitely more
of these moments!


I will always be there for you!
If you cry, I comfort you.
If you’re laughing, I’m laughing with you.
If you’re sick, do I care for you well.
If you’re sad, I’ll take you in my arms.
I’m always there for you,
do not forget it please!


My Dear Sweetheart

On this day, one year ago
I’ve thought of:
With your step into this world
a miracle is accomplished.

I held you tight in my arms.
The umbilical cord cut-
those bond grew quite simply
called mother love.

Tears my heart princess
and laughter or pain,
each of your emotions
touches the mother’s heart.

The colic was suffering like
stabbed in the mother’s breast.
I was so helpless, powerless-
full of sorrow, full of frustration.

But this time it’s over.
Thus runs the life path.
The first sorrow came and went
and soon the first tooth.

Dance you shall, laugh, jump
everything out of control.
The long way of growing
leads you the mother’s hand.

My rose, flourish further
in the light of love.
Mother is always there for you,
do not forget that please.


Brown eyes, blonde hair, 

oh how you’re wonderful.

Every day there is a duty
zauberst you give me a smile on your face.

I am so proud that I got you,
do you know how much I love you?

Singing and arithmetic, that is your thing,
no problems when the school began.

Are you sometimes sad, then we are there,
your mama and your daddy is, yeah.

I only wish me one that you do not forget,
that you just so remain as you are always.



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